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Dedicated to the preservation of all those who came before us.

NavajoWhat images come to mind when you hear the word "Wolf"? The eerie howling under a full moon that penetrates the quiet night? Fearless animals working together, moving in for a kill? Or a pair of amber eyes belonging to a frightful beast hidden in the darkest corners of the forest, waiting for an unsuspecting victim?

Unfortunately, due to myths, fairy tales and movies, these are the pictures that often come to mind, and because of this, Wolves are often surrounded by controversy.

We invite you to come for a fascinating visit with the wolves at the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation (RMWF) for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Sit in their pens and encounter the love, wisdom and caring that each of the animals so willingly gives. Your eyes that now see will lead you to a heart that becomes open to the truth.


We rescue wolves!

We provide sanctuary, rehabilitation and environmentally natural housing for captive-born wolves and wolfdogs who have suffered from injuries, neglect or abuse.

Experience the awe of the wolf!

We encourage an interest in and an understanding of wolves by providing opportunities for people of all ages to interact with wolves and learn about them, how to live safely with wildlife, and to understand the important role we humans have in the continual survival of wolf populations.

RMWF does not charge for visitations, however donations are greatly appreciated.
Tours are scheduled by appointment only!

Call 719-660-5480 to make an appointment to visit us.

RMWF is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization


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